We employ the Martin Heavy-duty "Bin-Whip", which is an air driven, manually controlled device for the internal cleaning of dry storage containers such as bins, silos, hoppers and bunkers. It removes the hardened materials by utilizing a "Whip-Head", suspended inside the bin, silo, hopper or bunker by the air supply hose. The whip head contains a heavy-duty air motor and utilizes various flails to remove hardened non-flowing material from internal walls. Depending on the material and bin construction, the flails will be a type of rope or chain used to brush or break loose any deposits that have built-up on the interior of the bin. The boom extends to 28 ft. (8.5 m) and can clean vessels up to 60 ft. (18 m) in diameter from a single central opening of 18 in. (450 mm).

By utilizing two trained operators the bin whip enables the cleaning or clearing of internal surfaces without the need for confined space entry and the associated hazards. The bin whip is lowered in from the top and operated remotely. Cleared material falls to the base of the bin for easy extraction by conventional means.

Used in a wide variety of industries with many different products such as:

  • Cement - Cement powder, clinker, gypsum, fly ash etc.
  • Mining – Metal ores, coal, potash, salt etc.
  • Food – flour, sugar, salt, seeds, meals etc.
  • Oilfield – Lime, Mag Ox etc.